McCracken's Canoe Sales and Rental

Jackson Cruise.10'

12' Cuda

demo Daytripper $550

​​​​​​​We cannot stress enough -TRY BEFORE YOU BUY ANY BOAT.  WE have demos available on most product.

Canoe and Kayak Inventory as of April 6, 2017
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West Branch Susquehanna River named top destination by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ONLINE

 All boats stored out of sun.

NEW Boats
ROYALEX-Get it before it's gone
WENONAH      color            2017 retail                sale               
   Demo Fusion Like new green                     $900      
   Sundowner  RX                                         $1499

   Fisherman with skidplates   slight use       $1200.
RIOT        These are whitewater play boats    never used    
   Air 45    WW Blue                      $1099                714.55    or make offer
   Air 60     WW orange                 $1099                714.55        obo              
Jackson Kayaks  check online at   

  Riviera   black widow                        $529
  Mini tripper a true kids boat             $ 499       especially for kids ages 6-11  sunrise
  Journey w/ rudder 2010   14'           $1399      w/ rudder red  $1199  now $1090

  Journey Without  13'6"  2010          $1199     now  $ 1020 blue/green/white
  Cuda   14'                                       $1449  2017 price to order  

         2012 lowland camo now $1190

  Cuda 12'                                      $1439  2016  greens 

  Big Rig               electric eel here  $1699    was $1749 in 2016 in stock 

  Kilroy                                 .            $1449     2017  mangrove

  Kilroy DT                                         $1899  2016 bluefin $1799

  Cruise 10'                                       $899   2015 Cremesicle  sale $849

  SUPernatural Paddleboard blue     $ 899  2014 $869

  Tupelo 12' or 12.5                          $899   ordering

   Karma Traverse Amber                $1199

Many of the following can or will be ordered. Many other options are available. Feel free to call or email us.

  Riviera Tandem demo/rental is here   $829 retail
  Big Tuna                                        $1899  

  Coosa                                          $1249

  Kracken 13.5                                $1349  add $400 for elite model can order

  Kracken 15.5                                $1449  can order

  Cruise 12'                                       $999 add $100 for angler model

  Tripper 12'                                      $999

   Mayfly                                            $1899 
Current designs    

   Solara 10'                                        $679   sold. can reorder
   Vision 135 poly                               $1199    w/rudder $1399
   Vision 150 poly w/ rudder               $1499


     Jackson Coosa                                  $1000 *  * these are our demo boats and are barely used.
     Jackson 14' Cuda with rudder            $1190 *    first come first serve. All in extremely good condition

     Jackson Daytripper available             $550 yellow
     CD breeze red saw 50 feet of water   $750                                                                                                                                                                                                       Emotion tandem SOT w/ seat backs   $600
     Wenonah Northfork Canoe                 $400-  $450


     Mad River Duck Hunter RX CANOE ash gunnels WITH PADDLES, BOAT DOLLY, AND MORE-CONSIGNMENT  $1250

     Riot air 55  with paddle, skirt, and vest  $600. used once for a couple miles

We also carry paddles, PFD's, cartopping, maps, instructional books, customizable fishing accessories and more. 

For winter we have snowshoes, gaiters, monster grips and metal cletes.  We can order thousands more outdoor items. 

 Mon-Sat 10-5 Sunday 1-? and after hours Appointment by calling 814-765-1410 or 814-496-9220.


Jackson Big Rig,  Kilroy and MInitripper

Royalex- get it before it's gone. As of 2014 Royalex is no longer manufactured.

Jackson Big Tuna

Jackson daytripper

Jackson Cuda

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Wenonah Canoes, Current design kayaks, Jackson recreational and fishing kayaks are our primary boat brands.

We have Werner kayak paddles, canoe paddles, PFD'S  (life-vests), helmets, customizable fishing accessories, throw bags, tick keys, Yakima car-topping supplies, dry bags, dry boxes, camping gear, ultralight backpacks, neoprene booties and gloves.......

We have many companies that we can special order accessories from.  Let us get you a quote.