GAS RATE                              base        $3.26-$3.50      $3.51- $375     $3.76-$4.00
Mahaffey                                 70                          73                  75                   78
Curwensville Lake                   60                         63                   65                   68
Lumber City Bridge                 60                          63                   65                   68
C-ville Civic Center                 50                          53                   55                   58
Hogback                                  45                          48                   50                   53
Clearfield                                 35                           35                  38                   40
Shawville                                    no charge  nc    nc    nc    nc    nc    we are here

Millstone Run                         $5.00
Deer Creek/Frenchville            45                         48                  50                  53
Rolling Stone                           60                         63                   65                  68
Karthaus                                  70                         73                   75                  78

shuttle back to Karthaus Launch site with your boat add $10.
Keating                                     120                       125                130                 135

Renovo                                     140                      145                150                 155
North Bend                               140                      145                150                  155
Price is per trip up to 10 boats and 5 people/drivers.  Add $5 for transporting your boats if we hook up a trailer.

This is in addition to rental rates. 

Want to hike the Quehanna Trail, the Donut Hole Trail, see Three Falls, Shaggers Inn Waterfowl sactuary, or other nearby attractions?  We can come up with shuttle arrangements for those-or just stop in for directions.  We will gladly share them with you. Canoe trips, kayak sales, fishing kayaks available.

check out Daves newest venture.


Top pic-special olympics outing.

bottom-heron in flight

Bower area of Curry Run to Bells Landing trip

McCrackens Canoe Sales and Rental ​

 Canoe rental and kayak rental day trips, overnight trips and Shuttle service available 


​Canoe Rental and Tandem Kayaks  $45                

Recreational Kayak rentals  $35 Jackson Riviera and Regal

Transitional/specialty Canoes & Kayaks $50

      Jackson Tupelo, Tripper,  Journey, and

     Current Design  Breeze, Solara and Kestral

 Big Rig, Cuda, Bite and Kilroy (all fishing ) $100         

All rates are based on business day 10 am to 5 pm.  Rental rate includes boat, PFDs, paddles and car-topping.  Overnight trips are available.

We offer shuttle service for both our local kayak rentals or your own boat for an additional fee.  Please email or call us with where you want shuttled to and we can let you know the current rates. Reservations requested.

 Plan to be on water by noon (preferably earlier). We can meet you before posted times. 

 Some trips require very long shuttles. Additional trips are available.

Additional charges may apply to boats not owned by us.

Waivers will be required by all participants utilizing our canoe and kayak rental.  Please bring your waivers with you or show up in person to fill them out.

Looking to purchase- purchase within 30 days and we will deduct one days rental from the listed retail price.