COVID19 response.  Limit 2 customers inside shop at a time.  Hand sanitizer available.

All PFDs will be sanitized after use per USCG instructions. All boats and paddles will be sanitized after use.

Due to the nature of clips and straps , 100% sanitation cannot be guaranteed.  Feel free to bring your own.  We will do as much parking lot pickup and delivery as possible


McCrackens Canoe Sales and Rental ​

 Canoe rental and kayak rental day trips, overnight trips and Shuttle service available 

RELEASE OF LIABILITY and PHOTO RELEASE                phone:  814-765-1410
Name:__________________________________________Group name:_________________________________
Address:________________________________________City, State, Zip________________________________
Phone#_____-_____-________Emergency contact-name and #______________________________________
In consideration of being allowed to participate in this McCrackens Canoe Rental program, its related events and activities,
I, __________________________________________________ the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:
        (Read each paragraph and validate by checking the line next to the paragraph)
___    1.  The risk of injuries from the activities involved in this program is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death, and while particular skills, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce the risk, the risk of serious injury does exist; and,
___    2.  I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS,both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE  NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES or others, and assume full responsibility for my participation; and,
___    3.  I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If, however, I observe  any unusual or significant hazard during my presence or participation, i will remove myself from participation and bring such to the attention of McCrackens Canoe Rental  immediately; and,
___    4.  I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns,personal representatives and next of kin, HEREBY RELEASE,  INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS McCrackens Canoe Rental, their owners, agents and/or employees, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania-Department of Forestry-Sproal State Forest, other  participants, sponsoring agencies, sponsors, advertisers and if applicable owners and leasers of premises used for the activity (“RELEASEES”), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to  person or property associated with my presence or participation, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE
 NEGLIGENCE  OF THE  RELEASEES OR OTHERWISE, to the fullest extent permitted by law; and,
___    5.  I (and my child/guardianship) will pay attention to and adhere to all safety and procedural information and materials provided by McCrackens Canoe Rental. 
___    6.  I give McCrackens Canoe Rental permission, in connection with any pictures taken during this Program of me (my child/ guardianship) the right to use  and reuse, in any manner at all, photographs in whole or in part, either by themselves or in conjunction with other photographs, in any medium and for the purposes whatsoever, including without limitation, all promotional and advertising uses, and other trade purposes.  I hereby release McCrackens Canoe Rental from any and all claims, demands, arising out of or in conjunction with the use of said photographs.
___    7.  I am aware that a tandem canoe or kayak is designed to carry two adult people, that a solo canoe or kayak is  designed to carry one person, that each can carry a moderate amount of gear, and that an overloaded boat can and does become unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous.
___    8.  I take full responsibility for any consequences resulting from my (and my child/guardianship) not adhering to Pennsylvania laws and regulations.
I have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement.  I certify that I possess full legal capacity to execute the foregoing authorization.
Participants signature:________________________________________________ Age: _______Date signed: _____________

Minors signature:____________________________________________________Age:________Date Signed______________

Minors signature:___________________________________________________Age:_________Date signed______________

Minors signature:________________________________________________________________Date signed_______________
This is to certify that I, as parent/guardian with legal responsibility for this participant, do consent and agree to his/her release as provided above of all the Releasees, and for myself, my child, and our heirs, assigns, and next of kin, I release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees from any and all liabilities incident to my minor child’s involvement or participation in these programs as provided above, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASEES, to the fullest extent permitted by law.
__________________________________________   ___________________________________________________   ____
Parents/guardian signature            Print name                           Date signed